Core2 for AWS IoT EduKit BSP 1.5.1

The SK6812 library is used to drive the LED bars with the ESP32 over I2C and comes from the open source loboris/MicroPython_ESP32_psRAM_LoBo project. The core2foraws/core2foraws.h file in AWS IoT EduKit board support package (BSP) provides convenience wrapper functions to this library with preset parameters.

Circuit Block Diagram for the SK6812 RGB LED bars

To enable this feature using KConfig, use the command pio run --environment core2foraws --target menuconfig from within the root of the project directory in your PlatformIO terminal window and go to the menu Component Config --> Core2 for AWS features to set the features you want to enable.


The following example initializes the Core2 for AWS, which initializes the PMU for the battery and other user enabled hardware features — such as the SK6812. It then sets the left LED bar to green and the right LED bar to red.

#include "core2forAWS.h"
void app_main(void){
void Core2ForAWS_Init(void)
Initializes the power chip with default values, enables battery charging, and initializes all enabled...
Definition: core2forAWS.c:32
void Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_Show(void)
Updates the LEDs in the LED bars with any new values set using Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetColor,...
Definition: core2forAWS.c:252
void Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetSideColor(uint8_t side, uint32_t color)
Sets the color of all the LEDs on one side of the LED bars.
Definition: core2forAWS.c:236
Functions to initialize and access Core2 for AWS IoT EduKit hardware features.
#define SK6812_SIDE_RIGHT
LEDs on right side of the LED bar. For use with Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetSideColor().
Definition: core2forAWS.h:64
#define SK6812_SIDE_LEFT
LEDs on left side of the LED bar. For use with Core2ForAWS_Sk6812_SetSideColor().
Definition: core2forAWS.h:57

Preprocessor Macros