In this chapter, we download and install the software that you will need to view, edit, compile a binary firmware, and transfer the firmware to the device for it to run. Additionally, you’ll be downloading an app on your phone to control the device.

Silicon Labs USB to UART bridge driver installation

Download and install the SiLabs CP210x drivers to enable your computer to communicate with the Core2 for AWS IoT EduKit device. The on-board CP2104 is an USB-to-UART bridge to facilitate host communication with the ESP32-D0WD microcontroller:

macOS 10.9+
macOS <= 10.8

Visual Studio Code installation

Visual Studio Code is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) which allows you to view, edit, manage code and more. Download the latest Visual Studio Code for your operating system. For troubleshooting issues with Visual Studio Code installation or usage, please refer to their documentation.

Installing PlatformIO

PlatformIO provides a professional embedded development platform which simplifies embedded software development. The Visual Studio Code extension provides the functionality of the Platform IO command line interface (CLI) in a graphical interface. You can download the extension and read more about PlatformIO here.


Downloading and installing the phone apps.

The ESP RainMaker Phone Apps are available for iOS and Android phones to provide Wi-Fi network configuration, user-creation, user-device association and device control. The apps can be found here:

If you do not posess a compatible Android or iOS device, you can use the Rainmaker CLI and substitute instructions.

Downloading the code

You can either download the code you’ll be using throughout this program by cloning the repository hosted on GitHub, or download and extract the zip file. To clone:

git clone

Connecting and powering on the device

Lastly, let’s make sure the device is plugged in to your computer and powered on. The device should automatically turn on once plugged in and connected to a power source, but if you need to turn it on, press the power button. How to turn M5Stack Core2 for AWS on or off

With the device ready, let’s go to the next chapter — Running the ESP RainMaker Agent.

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